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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Iowa Adventures Last post

This is my last post to this Iowa Adventures Blog... I am sad and happy. Sad to be leaving friends, memories & a beautiful place , yet happy for new adventures with my family back to Texas with old & new friends and family.
I'm dreading the heat in Texas & know I'll miss the snow, but I'm ready for good Beef Brisket & Mexican food! 
So much to miss, yet so much to look forward too!
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Texas look Out!!!

Okay it's official... Texas get ready the Burt clan is coming back to Fort Worth.

Zach has been offered a new job and we are scheduled to move in September!

We have enjoyed our time in Iowa, but now it is time to flee the snow and make our way back to the South.

I have decided to end my Iowa Adventures Blog on the last day in Iowa Sept 5th) and begin a new blog detailing our new Texas Adventures!

Start following it at

Posts will begin Sept 5th.

End of summer

The Burt's have been really enjoying the end of summer. We've played hard outside, fished, harvested our garden, taken swimming lessons and are just having the best times.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Baby Food

Today was Mallory's first attempt at baby food! 
Carrots, green bean & potato. yumm!

State Fair & DesMonies

We have had a few great days.
Took some time to visit the Iowa State Fair with friends. We enjoyed fatty foods & fun rides.
Then later on we took some time shopping in DesMoines & eating at our family favorite place, Zombie Burger.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Iowa Corn Boil

ILast weekend, the Burt clan took another trip just North of us, to Esterville, Iowa.
Esterville had their annual Corn Boil & parade. We had so much fun & ate a ton!
Zach & I also ran in the 1.5k race that morning, while the girls rode along in strollers. 
We also made a side trip to Burt, Iowa and Templeton, Iowa (where they make Templeton Rye Whiskey ) pretty cool!
Fun fun trip!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer vacation

The Burt's took their first full family summer vacation last weekend & had so much fun!
Destination: Minneapolis & mall of America.   We also visited Ames, Des Moines & Omaha Zoo.
Madison loved the rides at the mall and her first experience at Rainforest Cafe. Swimming at the hotel pool was a hit.. As well as just sleeping in a hotel room.
Zach and I enjoyed Zombie Burger once again..ate about 7000 calories.. My milkshake had a Twinkie in it. Yumm! 
We also enjoyed walking around Iowa State University campus .
It was a full weekend .  We all were wiped by the end.